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Season 2 of Awkward premiered on June 28, 2012 and finished on September 20, 2012.


After the events of the Season 1, the second semester of sophomore year begins. Now in her first relationship, Jenna feels happy and secure with her relationship with Jake, but romance from the past soon threatens her future. Tamara tries to move on from Ricky after learning surprising secret. Ming can't be on a relationship with the guy she likes (Fred Wu) because of the Asian Mafia. Tension in the Hamilton household starts to build after Lacey learns about Jenna knowing who is behind the letter. Aunt Ally is back in town after getting engaged to the last person Jenna would ever thought would ever think of.



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  • Chapter 1 - The Sabotage Chapter (Ep. 1-7) This chapter deals with Jenna Hamilton's new relationship with Jake Rosati, but Matty McKibben makes an attempt to ruin their relationship. Jenna's father also finds out about the care-frontation letter and leaves Lacey.
  • Chapter 2 - The Love Triangle Chapter (Ep. 8-12) This chapter deals with Jake and Matty making Jenna pick between them. Everyone finding out about Jenna's blog, who discover Lacey's care-frontation letter. In the end Jenna makes amends with her mother, her parents get back together, she picks Matty and Jake kisses Tamara.


201 Resolutions June 28, 2012 13 2.01

Avoid trying to reel with the shocking revelations from the night of the winter formal, Jenna tries to invest in her new relationship. However, she is tested when she learns that Matty refuses to move on. Tamara breaks things off with Ricky. Sadie tries to regain her friendship with Lissa.

202 Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary July 5, 2012 14 2.02
Finally official in her relationship, Jenna and Jake flaunt their twosome. However, when some very incriminating security footage including her and Matty is leaked, Jenna sets off on a mission to search and destroy the evidence, enlisting Ming and some new powerful allies to recover the tape.
Three2 Three's A Crowd July 12, 2012 15 2.03

Trying to make nice with Matty and please Jake, Jenna struggles to ignore Matty's ongoing flirtatious efforts and clingy antics. Once learning what Lacey did, Kevin wants some time apart. After getting into a fight with Ricky, Tamra is put on Bully patrol with Sadie who gives her less than helpful advice about how to deal with Ricky.

Are YOu there god Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna July 19, 2012 16 2.04

Jenna seeks guidance from a higher power as she feels strain from her parents' breakup and her own relationship.

205 My Love Is A Black Heart July 26, 2012 17 2.05
Valentine's Day has arrived in Palos Hills, dividing the school into swooning lovers and jealous haters. Will jealousy surface for Jenna and Tamara as they prepare to spend their first Valentine's Day together and face the possibility that their ex-lovers are moving on without them?
206 What Comes First: Sex Or Love? August 2, 2012 18 2.06

Still reeling from Jake's proclamation of love, Jenna tries to figure out if having sex with Jake will bring her some clarity about her own feelings.

207 Another One Bites The Dust August 9, 2011 19 2.07
A surprise visit from Aunt Ally leads to a wedding with someone she never intended to marry. Jenna is determined to finally do the deed now that she understands her love for Jake.
Time after time Time After Time August 16, 2012 20 2.08
A series of bad timing and revelations leave Jenna and Jake both devastated.
Hh Homewrecker Hamilton August 23, 2012 21 2.09
Haunted by her break-up and make-up with the boys, Jenna privately struggles with how to untangle her twisted love life until.... an unexpected text brings all her drama to the spotlight.
210 Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me August 30, 2011 22 2.10
Jenna deals with the aftermath of publicizing her blog and is forced to choose between Jake and Matty.
Matty jenna Once Upon A Blog September 13, 2012 23 2.11
When Jenna imagines how her life would have turned out if she had made different choices, Matty challenges the person she has become, and Jake's feelings shift.
TheOtherShoe The Other Shoe September 20, 2012 24 2.12
In the one hour season finale, the school year has finally came to an end and Jake and Matty come to terms with Jenna' s decision. Jenna is faced with another decision when she is offered an opportunity of a life time and Tamara kicks off an unlikely new relationship.

DVD Release[]

The complete second season

Awkward: Season 2 was released on DVD in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and U.S. territories on October 16, 2012. The two disc set contains all 12 episodes of season two as well as special features like the first season.