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Season 4 of Awkward aired on April 15, 2014, with 21 episodes. The rest of the seasons episodes aired from September to November, 2014.


The first part of the season begins with Jenna and the other on their final chapter: their senior year. Jenna is not 'that girl' anymore, and remember her way to now. She still in love with Matty but thinks that she lost her chance but she finds out that he and Bailey ended up so their have sex again. Also, All the students have a rank and she is the #137, which brings her to join clubs for get up in the ranks and go to some good university.



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Season 4, Part 1
Awkward-S04E01 No Woman is An Island April 15, 2014 45 4.01

Jenna is caught masturbating by her parents and it isn't long until the news spreads. As senior year begins, Tamara takes her role as being student president seriously which leads to a rocky relationship with Jake. Jenna finds out that Matty is no longer with Bailey and that he has been single all summer. Ming moved away to Vermont.

Awkward-S04E02 Listen To This! April 22, 2014 46 4.02

Jenna tries to communicate with a distant Matty; Tamara questions Jake's talent for music.

Awkward-S04E03 Touched by an Angel April 29, 2014 47 4.03
Jenna and Matty try stays friends and have sex, but Jenna find the arragement unbalanced.
Awkward-S04E04 Sophomore Sluts May 6, 2014 48 4.04
Jenna is heartbroken that Matty had replaced her in every aspect of his life. Head sophomore-in-charge McKenzie has her eyes on Matty. While Sadie is still trying to get Lissa to give up cheer captaincy. Also, Tamara is catfishing Jake.
Awkward-S04E05 Overnight May 13, 2014 49 4.05
Jenna and Tamara stay overnight at a college they may be admitted to.Sadie and Eva's rivalry is taken to a new level.
Awkward-S04E06 Crowning Moments May 20, 2014 50 4.06
Matty's becomes tired with his mother's obsession with perfection. Jake discovers Tamara has been lying to him. Jenna invites Luke to the Mr. PHHS pageant. Sadie makes a bet with Lissa that she can make Kyle Mr. PHHS. Matty reveals a big secret.
Awkward-S04E07 After Hours May 27, 2014 51 4.07
The gang heads to a concert. Jenna sets Matty up with Eva. Eva blackmails Sadie. Tamara runs into trouble and must call Jake for help. Sadie admits the truth and ends up losing someone close.
Awkward-S04E08 Prison Breaks June 3, 2014 52 4.08
Matty and Jake spend a night in prison. Jenna and Tamara visit Luke at college. All Jenna wants to do is have fun, although she learns that Luke has to take his studies seriously. Tamara hooks up with a lesbian at college.
Awkward-S04E09 My Personal Statement June 10, 2014 53 4.09
It's time for everyone to send in their college apps and Jenna and Tamara don't want to face the reality of separating once high school is over. Jenna helps Matty with his essay. Meanwhile, Val gets a makeover from Lacey to impress a former crush at her high school reunion.
Maxresdefault Snow Job (Part 1) June 17, 2014 54 4.10
The Palos Hills High seniors are going on their annual ski trip. Eva continues to antagonize Jenna. At the ski lodge, Jenna is surprised by Luke and must juggle her feelings for Luke and Matty. Sadie discovers that Eva's real name is Amber, she's been home-schooled and her room is decorated with creepy, stalker bulletin boards of all of Jenna and Matty's friends. Sadie makes attempts to try to warn Matty about Eva's secrets.
Awkward-S04E10 Snow Job (Part 2) June 17, 2014 55 4.11
Sadie tells Jenna about Eva's secrets and the two team up to finally get to the bottom of psycho liar Eva's real story, The truth about Eva is revealed but Eva claims to be pregnant and Matty refuses to leave her. Jenna tries to make amends with Luke, after leaving him out in the cold.
Season 4, Part 2
MattyEvaWetpaint Finals September 23, 2014 56 4.12

Following the drama of the ski trip, Jenna decides it's best to spend her time focusing on her finals. Matty finds out Eva isn't pregnant and blackmails her so that she would leave PHHS.

Auld Lang Party Auld Lang Party September 30, 2014 57 4.13

On New Year's Eve, Jenna wants to celebrate quietly, however things don't as planned when Matty turns their evening in to a group activity. Meanwhile, Sadie throws a major party. Jenna and Matty make a pact not to hook up with anyone. Meanwhile, Matty makes amends with his mom.

Awkward-S04E14 Welcome to Hell October 7, 2014 58 4.14

After hooking up with sophomore Owen, Jenna lets him know that it was a one-time thing. Meanwhile, Lissa attempts to convince her father to out himself to her mother. Also, Jenna and Tamara learn whether or not they have been accepted into the same college.

Awkward-S04E15 Bonfire of the Vanities October 14, 2014 59 4.15

The annual senior bonfire becomes a powder keg when Jenna and Tamara find the boys' girl-rating tradition known as the Phone Book.

Awkward-S04E16 #Drama October 21, 2014 60 4.16

The battle of the sexes erupts once again when Jenna and Tamara's Dude Database goes viral and reveals a secret that causes friction in their own friendship.

Awkward-S04E17 The New Sex Deal October 28, 2014 61 4.17

As Valentine's Day approaches, the entire school is mad at Jenna over the Dude Database, while Tamara refuses to come clean about her involvement. Jenna's solution is to rent a senior party bus, but things don't go as planned.

Awkward-S04E18 Girl Rules November 4, 2014 62 4.18

Thinking that they have bad blood, Jenna competes with Gabby to make Matty's 18th birthday special, but the two end up forging a real friendship. Meanwhile, Sadie and Tamara fight over control of the cheer squad in Lissa's absence. Jenna also receives a surprising letter in the mail.

Awkward 4-19 Over the Hump November 11, 2014 63 4.19

Jenna feels guilty about her brief hookup with Matty, but accidentally tells Gabby and puts herself on bad terms with the both of them. Sadie invites everyone on a spring break trip and also hires Jake to edit her video entry for a scholarship contest, with hilarious results.

Awkward-S04E20 Sprang Break (Part 1) November 18, 2014 64 4.20

The crew arrives in Rosarito, Mexico for spring break. Matty invites Jenna to come with him to meet his biological father, but Gabby shows up at the last minute and takes her spot instead. Jenna finally gets a college acceptance and Sadie wins her scholarship to Columbia. Jake and Tamara find out that they are famous in Japan. Lissa decides to start living life on the wild side after escaping from her parents.

Awkward-S04E21 Sprang Break (Part 2) November 25, 2014 65 4.21

Spring break continues in Rosarito. Matty spends more time with his biological father Daniel and as they are bonding his father plants doubts in his mind about his relationship with Gabby. Jake and Gabby sleep together after Jake is rejected from Northwestern. Lissa goes to a bar to have fun and finds her father, there they end up having a heart-to-heart conversation. Matty asks Lacey if she's seen Jenna, she tells him that he has to let her go and let her move on. Jenna finds out that she is going to be a big sister, and sparks a connection with a marine named Brian. In the end, Matty watches Jenna and Brian at the beach while realizing he still has feelings for her but had his chance and must now let her go.

DVD Release[]

Awkward: Season Four was released on DVD in the United States, Canda, Bermuda, and U.S. terrirories on July 30, 2015.