Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date July 5, 2012
Written by Erin Ehrlich
Directed by Erin Ehrlich
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Three's A Crowd

Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary is the second episode of Awkward's second season which was broadcasted on July 5, 2012 on MTV.


The school year is back into action and it's not the only thing. The Sanctuary has got a video camera put in taping all the "scandalous" stuff that's happen over the year. Jenna and Matty debate whether or not to tell Jake about their past relationship.


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Recurring Cast


  • Girls Love Shoes - "Wake Me Up"

(scene: Previously on)

  • Ellem - "Summertime"

(scene: Jenna strolls with Jake through the schoolyard)

  • Amy Seeley - "Mile Marker"

(scene: Jenna has Dinner with her Parents)

  • Pop Levi - "Rock Solid"

(scene: People fight in the hallway, Jenna and Ming walk through, sanctuary confessions)

  • Big Scary - "Bad Friends"

(scene: In locker room Jake tells Matty Jenna was in love, Matty runs to tell her he's in love)

  • Cosimo - "Kisses Taste Like Damage"

(scene: Jake and Jenna talk in Jake's car)

  • Bell Weather Department - "Receivers"

(scene: Jake, still in car, tells Jenna he doesn't care who she slept with)

  • Matt Max - "Twin Peaks"

(scene: Jenna and Tamara walk down the hall)

  • Lo Lo - "Sweetest Thing"

(scene: The girls walk through the quad, relieved that the tape shows nothing)

  • This House - "Light"

(scene: Jenna confronts Matty in the Sanctuary, Matty begs Jenna not to tell Jake)

  • Love Inks - "Leather Glove"

(scene: Jenna blogs about secrets, exchanges words with the mystery commenter)

  • Memoryhouse - "Walk With Me"

(scene: Jenna's Bedroom, Jenna talks to Jake, tells him she's not in love with the other guy)

  • Girls Love Shoes - "Magical"

(scene: Next on)