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Full name: Shayne
Gender: Female
Age: 18-19
Occupation: College Student
Friends: Luke (best friend)
Tamara Kaplan
Jenna Hamilton (assumed)
Relationships: Tamara Kaplan (fling/one night stand)
Portrayed by: Jeanine Mason
First Appearance: Prison Breaks
Last Appearance: Prison Breaks

Shayne is the openly lesbian friend of Luke and Tamara Kaplan's hook-up during season 4.

She is portrayed by Jeanie Mason

Biography []

Throughout Awkward[]

Season 4[]

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Shayne first appears in Prison Breaks giving Luke a massage in his bedroom, until Jenna and Tamara walk in on them. Both girls at first thought Shayne was having an affair with Luke until she revealed her sexuality. Later on, while Luke and Jenna were locked upstairs at the roof, Tamara stayed in Luke's room with Shayne, where both did each others nails. Shayne attempts to kiss Tamara, who is hesitant and Shayne apologizes, but Tamara ends up kissing her and they both spend the night together. In the morning, Jenna and Luke return to his room and are shocked to discover Tamara in bed with Shayne.


Shane seems to be generally well liked and appears to be down-to-earth. She might also be tough because she stood up for Luke and herself when Tamara said that she was going to pull her hair. She is also open about her sexuality.

Physical Appearance[]

Physically, Shayne is a pretty young woman between the ages of 18-19. She has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes and has an athletic slim body.


Tamara Kaplan

Status: Friends/Fling

  • Started: Prison Breaks
  • Ended: Prison Breaks
    • Reason: One-night stand
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  • She is the fifth LGBT character in the Awkward series, after Clark, Ricky, Theo and Cole.
    • She is however the first lesbian and female LGBT character of the series.
  • It is unknown if she will reappear in the series.
  • Shayne's actress is the girlfriend of Matty's actor, Beau Mirchoff.
  • She has only interacted with one main character (Tamara), Jenna doesn't count since they didn't have a one-to-one conversation.
  • The actress herself is not lesbian in real life.