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Short Circuit Party is the second episode of the fifth season, and it aired on September 7, 2015.


Jenna causes an accident at school that has surprising results. Meanwhile Matty must deal with the aftermath of his confrontation with Jake.


While being forced to clean the mess left from the last episode, Jenna accidentally shuts off the power after throwing a bucket of water, intended to get Jake, at the school's fuse box. However, this causes her to gain popularity when everyone believes that she intentionally did it in order to get school cancelled. Jenna has a party at the beach. Also, Val moves in with Jenna with the school's power out. Sadie's mother tries to win her happiness with a new Fiat.



Guest Stars[]

  • Heather Mazur as Darlene Saxton
  • Erinn Westbrook as Gabby Richards
  • Monty Greer as Cole
  • Evan Crooks as Theo
  • Brian Ames as Will
  • Tru Collins as Julie #1
  • Meaghan Martin as Julie #2


  • PVRIS - “Holy”

(scene: Seniors cleanup the hallway after senior prank)

  • The Henry Clay People - “Bulls Through"

(scene: Sadie and her mom talk in a diner)

  • Les Handclaps - “Alive”

(scene: Students chant for Jenna)

  • Alvvays - “Adult Diversion”

(scene: Students party at the beach)

  • Kwini Rene - “Natural Born Killer”

(scene: Sadie arrives at school in her new car)

  • The Pack A.D. - “Animal”

(scene: Matty and Jake have a confrontation at the beach party)

  • Little Racer - “Ghostly”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara pull up to the beach party)

  • The Attic Sleepers - “I Still Moan”

(scene: Matty and Gaby talk on the beach)

  • HAERTS - "Call My Name"

(scene: Sadie reads the letter from her mom, Biggie reads the letter from Val and Jenna brings Matty home)