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Snow Jobs Part 2 is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Awkward. It is also the Mid-Season Finale. It aired on June 17, 2014.


During the Palos Hills High School ski excursion for all of the senior students, ongoing rivalries finally boil over into heated disputes, and elsewhere, potential romantic relationships ultimately arrive at pivotal crossroads.




Guest Stars[]

  • Elizabeth Whitson as Eva
  • Evan Willams as Luke
  • Niko Pepaj as Sergio
  • Kofi Siriboe as Tyler
  • Monty Greer as Cole
  • Evan Crooks as Theo
  • Brian Ames as Will
  • Hannah Marks as Gloria


  • Diamond Bones - “Home Is Where”

(scene: Jenna wakes up and tries to call Luke)

  • Cumulus - “Morning Coffee”

(scene: Eva and Matty wake up and Eva tells Matty she has something to tell him)

  • Wild Ones - “Lion Heart”

(scene: Jenna and Sadie try to get in touch with Matty to tell him about Eva)

  • Point Bloom - “Stay If You Like”

(scene: Val meets up with Will (Biggie) in the lodge)

  • Great Pagans - “Slow Crash”

(scene: Ski patrol brings Jenna’s dad off the mountain)

  • Point Bloom - “All Mine”

(scene: Val tells Will she was into the Biggie costume and not him)

  • Helen Austin - “When We Were Young"

(scene: PHHS Students wake up)

  • SWIMM - “Tisk Tisk”

(scene: Luke breaks up with Jenna over the phone and Eva comes out of the bathroom with pregnancy test results)

  • Katie Marino - “After Party”

(scene: Val comes back from Stevie’s room, decides she likes being herself more than “Supermodel Val” and dances with Lacey)

  • Gold & Youth – “Time to Kill”

(scene: Eva leaves panties in Jenna’s room, cut to Jenna and Tamara in jenna’s room continuing girls’ night)

  • Magic Man – “Waves”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara start to watch The Notebook in Jenna’s room)

  • Emma Davis – “Stand Tall”

(scene: Jenna walks down the hall, decides to confront Eva)