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Sophomore Sluts, is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Awkward. It aired on May 6, 2014.


Jenna and Tamara have found formidable rivals in the form of the "Sophomore Sluts" for the Spirit Week title, and, more importantly, for Matty and Jake's attention.


Jenna is heartbroken when she feels replaced after seeing Eva at Matty's house last night, and she also feel replaced on every way that she was for Matty but not only with Eva but with Head sophomore-in-charge Mckenzie who had her eyes on Matty. After that and they getting all the boy's attention she and all the others senior girls go together to make fall the sophomore slutts on the spirit week.

Meanwhile, Tamara keeps talking with Jake by her fake name "Autumn" and she finds out what Jake thinks about her as his former girlfriend. Also, Sadie tries to make Lissa quit as the cheer captain but Valerie convinces her not to.



Guest Stars[]


  • Blondfire - “Walking with Giants”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara talk about Eva while decorating the senior hallway)

  •  Rokhsan - “Gold”

(scene: The Seniors and Sophomores compete in a chubby bunny contest)

  • Jay Deasel & Normie Smith - “Melts in Your Mouth”

(scene: Sophomore sluts introduction)

  • Sami.the.great - “Acrobat”

(scene: Jenna asks Matty if he’s ok; he walks away with Mackenzie)

  • 'Dice Raw' ft. Mike Taylor - “Sha Bang Bang”

(scene: The Sophomores dance in their jungle-themed hallway while Val judges the contest)

  • Soldout - “94”

(scene: Tamara stays up late catfishing Jake)

  • Decatur Redd - “Turn Up”

(scene: The Sophomores enter the powder puff football game)

  • Junior Prom - “Big Timer”

(scene: The Seniors vs. Sophomores in the powder puff game)

  • The Launderettes - “Can’t Bring Me Down”

(scene: Jake and Matty move from sitting on the senior sideline to sitting on the sophomore sideline)

  • SpeakerHedz - “Falling Fast”

(scene: The Sophomores celebrate a touchdown)

  • The Shinning Twins - “I Hate You”

(scene: The Senior and Sophomore girls fight on the football field)

  • Lauryn Vyce - “Loose”

(scene: Matty and Jake party with the sophomore sluts; Matty wrecks his car)