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Warning: This page contains spoilers for the latest season on Awkward.

4B Spoilers[]


  • Chris Alberghini on Jenna and Luke's break up: "We’re going to pick up not long after the midseason finale. I think she’s trying to figure out what to do next. She has feelings for the guy, and she knows it was not her finest hour when she tried to protect Matty. That said, she and Matty do have a friendship, so in many ways, she was justified trying to protect him. We’re going into 4B with Jenna evaluating her priorities: Matty, Luke, senior year, finals."
  • Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini on Eva/Amber's character: "We knew right away that we wanted to bring in a character that would stir things up and create conflict. Pretty early on, we figured out what the endgame was, the logical extension of brining her in. What is she trying to do, and what does she ultimately want? They all want to fit in at that age, so we thought, “How can we make the biggest version of someone wanting to do that? And how far might someone go to fit in?”" These kinds of people, and I feel like I’ve met some of them in real life, come from a place of deep-seeded vulnerability and wanting to belong. I hope people don’t just villainize and hate her, but realize she’s actually a vulnerable, damaged person. She’ll do anything to get what she wants, and on some level, people do that all the time.
  • Chessler confirmed that Amber's pregnancy test is real, and will be a focus in 4B.
  • Lacey might be pregnant and could join college for 4B, although nothing is confirmed.
  • Valerie might get a new love interest.
  • Alberghini on character relationships: "We think it’s interesting to revisit relationships with people you’ve had a romantic connection with. What happens next? Do you get back together? Do you stay friends? We’ve done it a lot with Matty and Jenna, so now we’ll see how that looks with Jake and Tamara."
  • There will be new characters introduced for 4B.
  • Matty's biological father will appear during the events of 4B and a casting call has been released.
  • Jake and Tamara's break-up could be permanent; Jillian Rose Reed on their relationship:
    • "We’re going to keep the same Awkward style, which our new showrunners are really good at – but as for Jake and Tamara, it feels pretty permanent to me. They’ve gone through so much together, and their relationship has already had its ups and downs. So for me, this feels like a permanent end. After getting over the heartbreak, Tamara’s main focus is going to be to try and remain somewhat cordial to [Jake] and hopefully remain friends."
  • Matty and Jenna make a new year's pact, which will ultimatly fail.
  • Jenna might get a new love interest.
  • Matty will get a new love interest after his break up with Eva.
  • Tamara gets into college, Jenna doesn't and Matty gets a letter from his biological parents.
  • Tamara will reveal a PHHS boy's secret: They rate girls' bodies.
  • Sadie and Sergio's relationship?
  • Jake will share a heart-to-heart moment with Sadie.
  • Sadie and Tamara will fight.