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Surprise! is the eleventh episode of third season. it aired October 22, 2013 and is the fall premiere of Awkward season 3.


Jenna (Ashley Rickards) becomes conflicted with her intense feelings for Collin (Nolan Gerard Funk) after they shared a kiss. She can't help herself and accidentally drags Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) into the mess, but little does Jenna know a surprise is coming, with shocking twists.


The episode starts off with Jenna and Collin in his car. Jenna tries to end it, but they end up making out. They state they are over until Jenna calls a truce which leads to another make out sessin, and a flustered Tamara watching from the window.

Tamara states Jenna and Collin are having an affair, and that she must end it with Collin or tell Matty. Tamara mentions Option C where she tells Matty herself because she blurts out that she is cheating on Matty.

Lacey and Val are talking about a surprise party for Jenna. Lacey recalls spoiled surprise parties years ago. Val revealed she dressed in drag and was a stripper at a gay bar.

Jenna comes to a consensus that she will avoid Matty until she figures the Collin situation out. Matty comes up to her and asks what Jenna wants to do for her birthday. Jenna says nothing out of guilt that she is cheating on him.

Ming comes up to her in outrage that she is cheating on Matty, Jenna criticizes Tamara, but Ming says she found out from the Asian Mafia. Ming and Jenna have a talk about the affair and Ming agrees with Tamara. Jenna goes away conflicted, and Fred is back now that Becca is MIA.

Sadie confronts Collin and Jenna in class, reminding them that Jenna has a boyfriend. Collin leaves to go sit in another seat. Sadie says though Matty may be blind to her treachery, but that she is not. She gets caught by Mr.Hart for bullying Jenna and says she should do it online. He tricks Sadie into insulting herself, and tells Jenna to grow some balls.

Matty wants to get a photograph for Jenna's birthday, so he asks Collin if he can get it autographed for a reasonable price. Jenna asks Collin what Matty said, and when Collin says that he can't Jenna jumps to incsane conclusions. Collin tells her about the picture, and she fells guilty. She says that she is a bad person, and after a sweet conversation they make-out again.

Jenna and Tamara are eating lunch and realize Matty and Jake are talking about them. Tamara says that she ate a whole jar of Nutella the night before to prevent her from telling Jake. Tamara says that she is relieved that the Collin thing is over, and Jenna says that she and Collin made out. She goes to hide in the bathroom when Matty and Jake head over. Matty and Jake ask Tamara to keep a secret about the surprise party, and Tamara blurts out another secret to not mention Collin and Jenna.

Fred misses Ming and wants to see her, and Ming sends a text to the mob to make the fire alarm go off. WHen she sees Fred he asks about the fire, and she shows he abuse of power. When she offers him a capuccino he says  she is turning into Becca and can't do this again. He says she must choose between him and The Asian Mafia.

When Jenna is standing in line by the lockers, Collin comes and pulls her towards the door so they can talk. Jenna and Collin are holding hands and almost gets caught by Jake, Tamara, and Matty. Jenna does an awkward hand slap  supposedly out of joy to relieve the awkwardness. Tamara blurts out that she has a yeast infection, and Jenna takes her into a nearby hallway to assess the stituation. When Tamara says she heard another secret Jenna presses the issue until Tamara tells Jenna about the secret surprise party. Jenna then hopes that it is not true.

Lacey is at home and decorating for Jenna's surprise party. She hears Jenna coming home, and hides the decorations. Jenna asks why she is reading a magazine upsidedown, and why she has glitter on her face. Her mom is trying so hard that Jenna realizes she shouldn't spoil it and makes her mom spoil it instead. She then says that she does not want a surprise party.

Lacey comes into Jenna's room and says that she and her father are going on vacation, and leaving the house to Jenna. She says that in honor of her wishes they are going to Sea World and celebrating for her. Jenna is grateful, and can't help but think about Collin while she is blogging. She decides she is goipng to end it.

Jenna is walking to his car about to end it, but Collin does first. She then realizes that even though she is guilty she wants him even more not that he is forbidden fruit. Her guilt turns to gloom and realizes 17 sucked. She then hears Matty coming to give her a burthday present, and Collin leaves out of jealousy.

Matty gives her the birthday present, and it is an autographed photo of herself from the party. Jenna believes she does not deserve it, because after the party she and Collin kissed. Matty asks if he can come over and celebrate her birthday with her, and spend the night. Jenna declines, and says that she wants to spend her birthday alone.

Fred and Ming are talking in the courtyard. Ming wants to step down from power, but Becca will step up if she does and then Becca will ship Fred out. Fred after hearing Ming says he doesn't care anymore and believes she's worth it. They kiss but it's shortened when Ming requests something from the Mafia, and gives it to him.

Jenna is on her way into her house calling Tamara, and says that it is over and she wants to know where she is. Just when she thinks it over Collin calls to her from the sidewalk, and says that he was rude. He apologizes saying he didn't know it was her birthday, and gives her a gift. Jenna and Collin say they will just be friends, and Jenna invites him inside just as friends. The next thing we see is Collin and Jenna making out on their way inside. They are caught by surprise when Jenna's family and friends pop up from behind the couch and yell "Surprise!" Everyone is shocked as the episode ends.



Guest Stars[]


  • Daily Bread - "Loverst"

(scene: Jenna marches to Collin, gets in his truck, tells him they have to stop)

  • Robert Delong - "Happy"

(scene: Flashbacks of Lacey ruining Jenna’s surprise parties)

  • Generationals - "Say When"

(scene: Ming, bored, uses her new found powers to see Fred)

  • Lasse Boman - "Long Long Summer" 

(scene: Jenna blogs about her obsession with Colin)

  • Frances Cone - "Rattles Your Heart"

(scene: At her locker, Jenna gets a birthday gift from Matty)

  • All Smiles - "Sorta in the Past"

(scene: Jenna leaves a message for Tamra; Collin shows up at her door)

  • Beginners - "If That’s Not Enough"

(scene: Collin gives Jenna a present at her door; they end up making out)