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Taking Sides is the 13th episode of Season 3. It aired on November 5, 2013.


Jenna decides to throw a BBQ in the hopes of warming her friends up to her and Collin's budding relationship. But when their support is withheld in more ways than one, Jenna takes drastic measures against her besties.


The episode takes place 3 weeks after the previous episode. She begins blogging about getting over Matty and trying new things. Ming, Tamara, and Jenna are all in Jenna's room talking about how Ming and Tamara do not feel like Collin and Jenna is they're normal. Jenna changed up her room and hairstyle because she thinks it's time to grow up. The doorbell rings and Lacey answers and responds in her sports bra. It turns out to be Matty. He wants to talk to Jenna and she wants her privacy. Matty and Jenna feel weird being close to each other. Matty wants to get back together with Jenna because he still loves her. She says that they are broken up and she wants to be friends. She wants a break so they could start new chapters in their lives and doesn't want things to be weird between them. Lacey questions how long the break is because Kevin has tickets to the clippers game and needs someone to do high impact high fives with. She tells her that he can go with Collin, but Lacey denies because it would be wrong and they don't know Collin. Jenna realizes that this was the problem because no one in her life knows Collin.

Sadie and Matty are walking down the hallway about how Matty went to Jenna's house. She deleted her number and pictures of Jenna. Sadie is happy because she loves Devon, who is texting Matty. Austin texts Sadie saying he will be saying hi in about 4 seconds. He takes a picture of himself so Sadie could use it as her contact picture and tells her to bring sunscreen when he meets her at the lunch area.

Jenna and Tamara are having lunch. Jenna decides to throw a BBQ and invites everyone except Matty. Collin comes in and crashes their lunch. Jenna invited him. Ming, Fred, Jake, and Matty come and Tamara takes Jake and Matty to the grass area to eat so they cannot sit with Jenna. She lets Ming and Fred sit their instead.

Lissa and Sadie are talking about Austin, who is alone eating 9 carrots at a table. She questions if he is manorexic and he declines and says carrots are the most attractive vegetable. He says she's in love with him. Lissa tells him about Sadie's ex-boyfriend who died. Everyone thought she killed him and was pregnant with his child. He says if he ever gets killed by her, he hopes that she will keep the baby. He offers Sadie a carrot and she accepts.

Jake doesn't want to go to the barbecue because He can tell Matty isn't happy.

Lissa wants to date Austin because Sadie doesn't want to. She sets her on a date with him.

Collin doesn't want her friends to feel pressure to take sides. When Jenna comes home, Lacey tells Matty is totally on Matty's side. She tells her that she has to be on her side and to break up with Matty. She breaks up with Matty as a friend and gives him food to remember her by.

Collin asks if Ironfist is here. No one is. They kiss and are caught by Kevin who is slightly angered and talks about how he is on the grill cooking real slow and claps the tongs to let Collin know he is like an authority.

Val and Lacey talk about how Jenna is going through boys fast. Collin asks Lacey and Valerie to stay. When Collin leaves, they say that he is not even close to Matty and gives a cheers to Matty.

Sadie and Matty are in her room after complaining about having to watch a bad movie. She said he has a bad taste in woman after he said Anne Hathaway is sexy. She says he should ask Devon out ASAP. Austin is still texting her and thinks Sadie likes him because he left the picture of him on her phone.

Ming, Tamara, and Jake are in Tamara's room talking about how she doesn't want to go to the barbecue. She accidentally reveals that she knew about Jenna cheating on Matty. Jake is shocked and mad because he could've warned Matty so he would get humiliated by Jenna like he did. She asks why he keeps bringing it up and he says he will never have to bring it up again. She sobs in her bed while Ming asks her "So no barbecue"?

Jenna thinks everyone ditched her party. Fred comes and gets a text saying they aren't coming. Jenna is sad because her friends can't be happy cause she's happy. Collin kisses her and goes outside. Jenna has been holding back her feelings and she needs to let it all out(Tamara's voicemail)one way or another.

Sadie laughs along with a text from Austin. Sadie and Matty have a suck fest and she wins. They both laugh and he tells her to make a move on Austin. She calls Lissa to tell her that she's seeing someone else who was her.

Jenna is text bumming and sends them texts that keep coming like "your immature and unevolved" and "you can't be happy cause I'm happy." They call her and they get into a huge fight. Jenna insults both of them by saying Tamara couldn't find her own guy so she took her sloppy seconds and how Ming would side with her because she is such a follower. Tamara and Ming take sides and say they aren't on hers.

She's on a social site and says that if her friends are taking sides she would too. She unfriends Matty, Jake, and Ming. She takes a second and realizes she should unfriend Tamara too.



Guest Stars[]


  • The Deer Tracks - "Ram Ram"

(scene: Jenna blogs about what she’s been trying since she broke up with Matty)

  • Cults - "We’ve Got It"

(scene: Tamara and Ming hang out in Jenna’s room and talk about Matty)

  • Emily Wells

(scene: Jenna reiterates to Matty that they’re broken up)

  • Emm Gryner - "A Good Day"

(scene: Austin flirts with Sadie; Jake, Tamara and Matty talk about going to the BBQ)

  • Imperial Mammoth - "You Wake Me Up"

(scene: Jenna and Collin kiss and Kevin intimidates Collin)

  • Escort - "Starlight"

(scene: Val and Lacey talk at the BBQ)

  • Pocketknife - "Space Invaders"

(scene: Jake and Tamara fight)

  • Widowspeak - "The Dark Age"

(scene: Jenna talks to Collin about why her friends aren’t supportive)

  • Guards - "Nightmare"

(scene: Jenna fights with Ming and Tamara)

  • Nightmare Air - "Eyes" 

(scene: Jenna un-friends the girls)