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That Girl Strikes Again is the sixth episode of the third season, and aired on May 14, 2013.


Jenna and the gang crash an upscale Halloween party and Jenna gains a new perspective on her life and friends. Sadie retrieves a golden trophy that she believes is rightfully hers and meets a potential new friend in the process.


It's Halloween and Jenna feels insecure about how she looks next to Matty, who was #1 on the school's "Hot" list. She convinces Matty, Jake, Tamara, and Sadie to attend a party hosted by Sadie's archnemesis, Angelique, who happens to be Collin's girlfriend. Tamara gets stuck with a random girl whose facial piercing got caught on her clothing, while Jake accidentally gets high. Wanting to fit in, Jenna tells everyone about her so-called suicide attempt, while Matty finds himself not fitting in with the people at the party.



Guest Stars[]


  • Daily Bread - "Silica"

(scene: The door opens to the Thadwicke party)

  • My Gold Mask - "Some Secrets"

(scene: Jenna, Matty and Sadie walk into the house and talk to a guy in a Raven costume)

  • Soft Metals - "Voices"

(scene: Sadie confronts Angelique)

  • Night Club - "Control"

(scene: No one notices Jake and Tamara sneak in to the party)

  • Thieves Like Us - "Marie, Marie"

(scene: Matty, Jenna and Collin talk about a photograph)

  • Jonny Dylan Hughes - "Dreamsssss"

(scene: Tamara waits for Jake to untangle the girl from her sweater)

  • Blackfeet Braves - "Misery Loves Company"

(scene: Jenna and Matty play “Confession” at the party)

  • Juviley - "Our Choices Rhyme"

(scene: Jenna confesses about her “suicide” reputation)

  • ANR - "My Father Worked With Planes"

(scene: Tamara bonds with the girl who is bonded to her)

  • O. Children - "Dead Disco Dancer"

(scene: The crowd is enjoying Jenna’s story, Matty is not)

  • Night Club - "Another One"

(scene: Jenna dances with Angelique and Collin)

  • James And Evander - "Can’t Forget (RX GIBBS Remix)"

(scene: Sadie is confronted by Austin)

  • Air Waves - "Sweetness"

(scene: Angelique asks Jenna why she’s with Matty)

  • Folly And The Hunter - "Ghost"

(scene: Jenna and Matty talk in his truck)