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The Bad Seed is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Awkward. It aired on November 12, 2013 on MTV.


After defriending Tamara and Ming, Jenna feels she has nothing left to lose and finds herself in quite a sticky situation.


Collin and Jenna are in his car and he's smoking weed. He gives her the weed to smoke and she passes because she wants a clear mind. He persuades her to smoke and she does. She starts coughing terribly. A police car parks behind them and almost arrests both of them.

Kevin is mad at Jenna. He says that she is lucky that he knew the officer in high school who gave her a ride home and not to jail. She sits down and has a talk with her parents who are eating chips. They gave her a lecture about being caught with an illegal substance. She questions if they're high and Lacey say yes while Kevin says no. She goes to her room. He gave her a punishment by not letting her watch television for a month.

Ally wants to have a baby with Dan, but he doesn't want to. Dan is paying Ally to take care of Sadie while Darlene is out of town at exhaust camp. She leaves the car and goes to school.

Jenna just closed her locker and she sees Matty talking to another girl. She walks and talks with Tamara and Ming. She asks who the girl is. Tamara says she can't join the walk and talk because of all the rude texts that was sent to them by her. They both want an apology from Jenna. She tells Jenna to take care and Jenna yells back to take care. Collin comes and asks if they're on good terms(sarcastically).He wants to ditch school with her. He arrests her for skipping school and kisses her neck. He wants to meet her after school.

Lissa has her neckbrace taken off, but her neck is crooked. Sadie feels poor because of rental properties and Lissa tells her she IS poor.

Tamara apologizes and doesn't want to fight with Jenna and Jake at the same time. Matty and Devon sit down at the table and see Jenna sitting alone. Devon tells him to talk to Jenna. He does and Ming and Tamara say it's a big mistake.

He sits with her and heard she got arrested. He's worried about her. She tells him to mind his own business and to keep slumming it with Devon. He tells her to get her facts straight and that he was slumming it with her(Jenna).

Ally,Sadie, and Lacey are all in the kitchen. She asks what they're doing here. Dan and Ally got into a fight again. Jenna says that she's draining his bank account. Ally says she's actually trying to drain him for a baby. Dan doesn't want one and Jenna says it should be illegal for Ally to have a baby. Aunt Ally and Sadie both agree she would be the best argument for abortion. She goes to her room.

Collin is at Jenna's back door. She lets him in and they make out. The police took his stash.

Ally and Lacey are drinking wine. Ally tells Sadie to hang out with Jenna, and she replies that she is a bad influence. Lacey tells her to go do homework in her room. She finds Jenna stealing weed from her parents. Sadie tells her that she is a cliche. She says Karma's a bi*ch, and Jenna questions if that is why she's broke and homeless.

Sadie comes back into the living room and tells Lacey and Ally that Jenna was too busy stealing her moms stash.

Kevin is mad because Jenna is stealing. Her phone beep and he takes it away. It's a text from Collin. He doesn't want Jenna to see him anymore and to go in her room. Before she leaves, she tries to swipe the phone back, but doesn't.

Jenna blogs about her parents and her mom gives her back her phone because she trusts her. She tells Collin to pick her up and take her to his house.

Jenna and Collin make out in his bed. He says that she's bringing up her friends too much. He offers to take her home.

Darlene is back. She was actually at a spa. She was gone for almost a month and was in Santa Fe with her new boyfriend. She says that Sadie has to live with her new boyfriend. She tells her to pack. Darlene will meet Sadie at school to sign the transfer papers. Ally offers her some wine.

Collin and Jenna still making out and Jenna unbuckled Collins belt and unbuttoned Collins shirt. She didn't want to lose Collin so she decides to have sex with him to keep him.

Jenna comes home crying. She wants to talk to her mom who is done talking. She gets mad because Jenna broke the trust between them. She tries to explain and tells her to explain to her dad NOW!

Sadie doesn't want to go with her mom. Val says she needs a place to say, and Sadie says she'll stay at Lissa's. She can't because she is not over 18 and can't be her guardian. Aunt Ally gives her the lunch she packed her. Darlene asks of she wants Sadie. She says yes because she's been trying to have a baby and says Sadie won't be a lot of work. Sadie is her new baby.

Sadie is sad because of her moms decision.

Jenna is walking down the halls and sees Matty, Jake, Devon, Ming, and Tamara talking. She thinks about going over to apologize but they give her unhappy looks. She takes a left and tells Collin to take her somewhere private. Jenna and Collin smoke weed in the car in a private place.



Guest Stars[]


  • Beach Fossils - "Sleep Apnea"

(scene: Collin and Jenna get caught smoking in his car)

  • The Delta Riggs - "Fiend"

(scene: Ally plays music in her car when she drops off Sadie)

  • Beginners - "Who Knows" 

(scene: Collin comes on to Jenna at school)

  • Abi Wade - "Stability"

(scene: Jenna decides to stop talking to her friends)

  • These Machines Are Winning - "Get A Little Closer"

(scene: Collin comes to Jenna’s room to make out)

  • Blake Hazard - "Deliberate Plans"

(scene: Jenna blogs in her room)

  • Black Forest Fire - "Live News Feed"

(scene: Jenna talks about the problems with her friends to Collin as he tries to make out with her)

  • Bestfriends - "Work" 

(scene: Sadie’s mom tells her and Ally how she has been living)

  • Faunts - "What I’d Love To Hear You Say"

(scene: Jenna decides to sleep with Collin and has regrets afterwards)

  • New Found Land - "Only My Winnings"

(scene: Sadie confronts her mom about having to move; Jenna walks to her friends)

  • Foxygen - "In The Darkness"

(scene: Jenna leaves school with Collin)