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The Campaign Fail is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Awkward. It aired on November 26, 2013 on MTV.


It's time for Jenna to get back on the straight and narrow, but she's done more damage to her friends and family than a little campaigning can fix. Will they forgive her or will she have to go to extremes to right her wrongs?


Jenna has to sleep in the backyard

Jenna sleeps in the backyard.

Jenna sleeps in the backyard. Her father lets her in. When she enters, she realizes a photo of her family. She printed sports scores for her dad and made both her parents breakfast. Kevin gives Jenna her rent bill since she doesn't want to live under their rules. It was over $100 and he added another $20 because she slept in the backyard. Jenna is getting dropped off at school and her mom leaves saying that she is getting a life because apparently she needs one. She talks to Val about how she wants to get a life. She asks of there are any jobs available at the school. Val asks her questions and Lacey qualifies for a school nurse.

Jenna tries to stop her story from being published, but it is too late.

Tamara made a bunch of posters nominating her for president. With her spare time, she also made buttons. Jenna tries to talk to Ming and Tamara and they are shaky and hesitant when they reply. She asks if she can wear one and reaches into the box. She leaves and tells them that they look great.

Jake makes t-shirts telling people to vote for him, and has the football team help him campaign. He eats an uppercase T cookie that Tamara made. He says it tastes like defeat and Tamara responds that her fist is too.

Jenna asks if he can sit with Matty and he says yes. He and Devon got into an argument because he left her to pick up Jenna. Jenna tells Matty about the mean essay and tells her that people only care for the sex stories. He reads it and when he is finished, he says that it is cruel, but no one will know. People give Jenna dirty looks while holding the Experior.

Jenna asks him if he cheated on her

Jenna asks Collin about him sleeping with Angelique.

Jenna asks Collin if he slept with Angelique and he doesn't respond. She asks a follow-up question asking how long he's been sleeping with her. He doesn't reply and Jenna realized that he never stopped. He says he 

made it clear that he didn't want a girlfriend. He also says that he and Jenna were never exclusive. She gets into an argument about all the choices she's made, and he responds on how they were all on her. She replies "And being an as*hole was all on you" and leaves.

Its election time and Tamara is first. She makes over 20 propositions, with one of them being locker swap. When she is finished, they all applaud. Jake takes the mic and tells the audience that Tamara sometimes fakes her period to get out of P.E. He also says that her hair color isn't her real haircolor. He finishes his speech and Tamara takes another mic to play dirty. The principal tells Jake not to reply, and obviously didn't listen. They played dirty and Sadie (of course) is enjoying it. The principal is reading the Experior and calls Valerie to his office and ends the election.

Jenna is in a stall, and Tamara asks whoever is in there to leave. Jenna opens and hugs Tamara. Tamara pushes her away and asks if she's seen Ming because she could really use a friend right now. Tamara looks at Jenna as she leaves the bathroom. Jenna wants to talk to Val, but the principal says that she is on an "indefinite suspension" after realizing how crazy she was. He is seen clearing out her office implying that indefinite suspension meant that she was fired.

Tamara is waiting by Jakes car. Everyone is congratulating Tamara on her victory. Jake goes to see Tamara and she tries to get romantic. He is mad because of how she nominated herself just because she wanted to take it away from him since he wouldn't work for it. He says that she put him in his place and that he will put her in hers. He tells her that they're done and to take care. He drives off.

Jenna blogs about her failed campaign and apologizes to her mom, who was folding the clothes. They hug and the episode ends.



Guest Stars[]


  • Austra - “Hurt Me Now”

(scene: Jenna wakes up in the front yard, goes inside)

  • Selebrities - “Time”

(scene: Jenna drives to school with her mom)

  • We Were Lovers - “Jealous"

(scene: Jenna is determined to win her friends back)

  • Joshua Michael Robinson - “Black & White”

(scene: Jenna confronts Collin)

  • Emma Louise - “Atlas Eyes”

(scene: Jenna tries to win Tamara back as her friend)

  • Donora - “Under the Lights”

(scene: Ming and Tamara meet up after election results are announced)

  • Lightning Dust - “In The City Tonight”

(scene: Jenna decides to apologize for her bad behavior)