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The Dis-Engagement Dinner
Season 5, Episode 5
Air date September 28, 2015
Written by Shawn Simmons
Directed by Ashley Rickards
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The Dis-Engagement Dinner is the fifth episode of the fifth season, and it aired on September 28, 2015.


Jenna's forced to throw Tamara a party to celebrate her fake engagement. Meanwhile, Gabby reveals a secret about Matty that send Jenna in search of the truth.




Guest Stars[]

  • Erinn Westbrook as Gabby Richards
  • Niko Pepaj as Sergio
  • Cayden Boyd as Brian 
  • Brando Eaton as Adam Walker


  • Olive and the Dukes - “The One That I Gotta Have!”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara talk at Tamara’s party)

  • Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact - “Further Again”

(scene: Jenna talks to Adam, Gabby and Brian at Tamara’s party)

  • Kid Sister - “Leave the Lights On”

(scene: Jake talks to Matty during Tamara’s party)

  • Iris - “I’ll Wait for You”

(scene: Jenna talks to Matty to try to find out what Gabby was talking about)

  • Kid Sister - “Heartbreaker”

(scene: Brian talks to Jenna about being unsupportive of Adam and Tamara)

  • HAERTS - “Heart”

(scene: Jenna makes up with Tamara for what she said at the party)


  • This episode marks the second episode of Awkward directed by Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna Hamilton.