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Theo Abbott
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Full name: Theo Abbott
Alias: Troublemakers
Gender: Male
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Director
Friends: Cole (best friend)

Lissa (Friend)

Enemies: Tamara Kaplan
First Appearance: No Woman is An Island

Theo Abbott is a recurring minor character throughout Season 4 of the show MTV Awkward and is played by Evan Crooks. His character was introduced in No Woman is An Island with his best friend Cole who he is usually seen with. Throughout the course of Season 4 Theo plays the role of a trouble maker in the show and causes a lot of havoc for the other students with the help of his friend.


Theo and Cole are both avid directors and in the episode No Woman is An Island their short film "Being Gay is Gay" is mentioned by Tamara.

Throughout Awkward[]


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Season 5
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