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Time After Time is the eighth episode of the second seasons and aired on August 16, 2012.


Jenna seeks comfort in Matty after Jake unexpectedly breaks up with her at Ally's wedding; Ben and Lacey continue their flirtation.




Guest Stars[]


  • Jay Ramsey - "Boogie Mama"

(scene: While people dance at the wedding, Jenna tells Tamara that Jake Broke up with her)

  • Beat Club - "Faces"

(scene: Jenna Ciries, Sadie makes fun of her)

  • Hugh Padgham - "Leave A Light"

(scene: Valerie announces the first dance)

  • Tan Vampires - "Fake Southern Drawl"

(scene: Matty talks to Jake on the phone about the break-up)

  • Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Ba?rbaro - "Boogalo 33"

(scene: Lacey and Valerie talk about marriage while watching Ally dance)

  • Oliver - "Dirty Talk"

(scene: Tamara tells Jenna that Jake is finished, Tamara has a new admirier, Zach)

  • Jillian Edwards - "Once Should Be Enough"

(scene: Lacey and Ben kiss by the pool)

  • Katie Herzig - "Midnight Serenade"

(scene: Jenna calls her Dad, Jake ignores Matty's text, Jenna confronts Ally)

  • Mates Of State - "Sway"

(scene: Matty stops making out with Courtney)

  • Summer Twins - "Try"

(scene: Kevin sees Lacey dancing with Ben, Jenna walks home from the wedding)

  • Escort - "A Bright New Life"

(scene: Ally gets cut of by the bartender, Val and Sadie supply her with more booze)

  • Accents - "Sorrow"

(scene: Jenna blogs, someone knocks at her door)

  • Seeker Lover Keeper - "If The Night Is Dark"

(scene: Matty shows up at Jenna's door)

  • Sammy Jay - "Dance With Me Tonight"

(scene: Lacey turns down Ben, Ally reverse worms across the dance floor)

  • Nicholas Ruth - "Believe"

(scene: Ricky asks Tamara to dance, Zach saves her)

  • Tanlines - "Nonesuch"

(scene: Matty and Jenna talk on her bed about timing)

  • Chairlift - "Take It Out On Me"

(scene: Jake looks for Jenna. Matty and Jenna make out on her bed)