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Touched by an Angel is the third episode of Season 4 of Awkward. It aired on April 29, 2014.


Jenna and Matty try to be friends with benefits, but Matty's focus solely on the benefits leaves Jenna feeling less than friendly.


Jenna and Matty become officially friends with benefits to Jenna's disdain as she wants them to get back into a relationship. Jenna also commits herself to the school's peer guidance program as a mean of buffing up her college applications. There she meets Angel, a freshman girl who has confidence troubles and so many questions about high school. As Jenna tries to convince herself and Tamara that she and Matty are more than just fuck buddies she discovers that he is finding a comfort zone with Eva instead of her.

Tamara starts to be a little jealous when Jake becomes popular because of his music, as she keeps saying that she has no more feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Jake begins to have fans around the school. After Lacey's advice, (or at least Tamara sees it this way) Tamara start talking with Jake by the fake name "Autumn".

Meanwhile, Sadie and Lissa also get into the program with Jenna and Tamara, and as Sadie start to create the new Sadie for next year, Lissa start dressing like a freshman girl and become a fan of her religion.



Guest Stars[]

  • Hannah McIalwain as Prudence/Angel


  • Imperial Mammoth – “You Wake Me Up”

(scene: Jenna walks down the hall)

  • Haley Bonar – “Heaven’s Made for Two”

(scene: Jenna talks to Matty about their relationship)

  • Jake Rosati – “Tomorrow Never Comes” (go here to download the song)

(scene: Jake plays his song in the cafeteria)

  • Bestie – “Pineapple”

(scene: Jenna videochats with Angel)

  • PowerSolo – “Canned Love”

(scene: Jenna gives Angel the “scared straight tour”)

  • The Pack A.D. – “Needles”

(scene: Jenna tries to talk to Matty in his car while he tries to hook up with her)

  • Computer Magic – “All I Ever Wanted”

(scene: Jenna, Tamara, and Angel hang out in Jenna’s room)

  • Feelings – “Loosen Up”

(scene: Jake  gets catfished by Tamara)

  • Melpo Mene – “Ain’t Gonna Die While Sitting Down”

(scene: Jenna walks up to Matty’s door)

  • Shel – “When The Sky Fell”

(scene: Jenna leaves Matty’s)