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Full name: Tyler
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Relatives: Lissa (adoptive sister)
Friends: Lissa
Sadie Saxton
Relationships: Lissa (ex-girlfriend)
Portrayed by: Kofi Siriboe
First Appearance: No Woman is An Island
Last Appearance: Sprang Break (Part 2)

Tyler is a new character on Awkward. He got introduced in Season 4.

He is portrayed by Kofi Siriboe.


Tyler was born in Africa, but went to school in England. This is the reason why he has a British accent. Lissa and her mother adopted him two months after meeting him.

Throughout Awkward[]

Season 4[]


Tyler is very polite and is not rude. This is shown because he did not be rude to Sadie after she made fun of his British accent.

Physical Appearance[]


Lissa Miller


Season 4
Part 1
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My Personal Statement Snow Jobs (Part 1) Snow Jobs (Part 2)
Part 2
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#Drama The New Sex Deal Girl Rules Over The Hump
Sprang Break (Part 1) Sprang Break (Part 2)


  • Lissa and her mother describe his age as two months because that's when they met him.
  • He is a new love interest for Lissa.
  • Tyler and Lissa make out in Snow Jobs Part 2