How to Use A Vending Machine

How to Use A Vending Machine

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A vending machine containing academic supplies

Need food, a drink, and a calculator?  Fear not, vending machines containing a variety of items and can be found in all buildings across campus.  They are accessible and easy to use.

What can be found in UCF vending machines?

The vending machines at UCF contain a wide variety of items. Each machine has different items inside.  Items for sale include: 

  • food (such as chips, cereal bars, gum, candy, candy bars)
  • Drinks (such as water, soda, fruit juices, Gatorade, coffee, and energy drinks)
  • Calculators
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Erasers 
  • Paper
  • Notebooks
  • Green/Blue books for tests
  • Planners

How to use a vending machine

The vending machines at UCF take a wide variety of payment  methods.  They accept:

  1. Cash (bills)
  1. Coins
  1. Credit Card
  1. Debit Card
  1. Knights Cash

After you have decided what payment option you would like to use, you are ready.  Here are the steps that need to be done in order to properly use the vending machines. 

  1. Decide your preferred payment option
  2. Either put cash in, coins in (or both).  If you are using a credit card of some sort, you must swipe the card on the card reader.
  3. If successfull, the machine should say something similar to "make your selection." 
  4. You then pick the item you want, and punch in the corresponding letters and numbers.  For example, you may push in something along the lines of "D13."
  5. The machine will then dispense your item.  You will watch it come out of the slot, and fall to the opening at the bottom. 
  6. You then put your hand in the slot/opening, and pull out your purchased item.
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