Valerie Marks
Val S3
Full name: Valerie Marks
Alias: V, Val, Val-gina
Gender: Female
Age: 30s
Occupation: Guidance Counselor
Vice-Principal (former)
"Male" stripper at a gay bar(former)
Liquor store cashier (former)
Friends: Jenna Hamilton (best friend)
Lacey Hamilton (best friend)
Tamara Kaplan
Relationships: Mr. Mishra (ex-boyfriend)
Will(Biggie) (husband)
Enemies: Sadie Saxton (possibly)
Collin Jennings (possibly)
Portrayed by: Desi Lydic
First Appearance: Pilot

Valerie "Val" Marks is the series' main female lead on Awkward. She is the Palos Hills High School's Guidance Counselor, and later became the vice principal, but drops it to become a Guidance Counselor, but was later fired by the school's principal after he read the school's newspaper and Jenna Hamilton's article of Valerie (during her rebellious phase). But she later got rehired after her reappeal after the help of Lacey Hamilton, Jenna Hamilton, Matty McKibben and Bailey Parker.

She keeps Jenna on suicide watch after her "accident" and also gives her terrible advice on certain issues. Valerie also considers Jenna as one of her best friend's. She is also best friends with Lacey.

She is best known for her outgoing and crazy personalities, as well as her crazy outfits and fashion sense.


Valerie Marks is a troubled lady who really has no business counseling anybody. She's a lonely, deluded soul who feels her gift in life is helping people. She's a boundary crosser, a weirdo and a bit of a stalker. When Valerie gets assigned to talk to Jenna once a week, their relationship will take a turn for the unprofessional as Valerie comes to think of Jenna as her best friend.


I don't wanna go down. I've been there, one minute you're on top of the world, and next, you're butt-popping Meth in an abandoned warehouse with a guy named Rooster.|Valerie (Ep.202)}} I want to thank you all for coming to this required assembly.|Valerie (Ep. 203) Don't worry I won't let her know you're a hobag.|Valerie to Jenna Hamilton (Ep. 206)

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