Full name: Vera
Gender: Female
Age: 15-16
Occupation: Student
Friends: Ming Huang
Jenna Hamilton

Tamara Kaplan
Jake Rosati

Portrayed by: Vera Herbert
First Appearance: Fateful
Last Appearance: Fateful

Vera is the Goth girl with whom Ming went to formal with.

She is portrayed by Vera Herbert.


Vera is a girl in Jenna's year at High School, preferring to hang around the goth crowd. She is suspected of being a lesbian. 

Throughout Awkward.

In 'Fateful', she is seen when the student dressed as a vampire askes Rina to the formal. Ming brings Vera to Jenna's house for photos before the formal, Jenna remarks to Ming that Vera is suspected of being of the 'Ellen' variety, a lesbian. Kevin then takes more photos. When the group gets to the formal they take some more group shots. She is seen dancing crazily with Ming, Jenna, Jake and Tamara. When Sophmore Prince and Princess are being announced, Ming and Vera are standing in front of Clark Stevenson, Sophmore Princess. 

Physical Appearance

Of a slight larger build, Vera is a comfortable girl who doesn't seem to care if people suspect she is a lesbian. She wears a light pink and black dress to formal. She has dark hair with a pixie cut and fringe. 


She is very quiet, not uttering a single word in the episode, waving at Jenna when Jenna says Hi. 


Ming Huang

Status: Friends, Homecoming date

Jenna Hamilton

Status: Friends

Jake Rosati

Status: Friends

Tamara Kaplan

Status: Friends


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Jenna Lives Queen Bee-atches Over My Dead Body The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch
My Super Bittersweet Sixteen No Doubt I Am Jenna Hamilton Fateful


  • She is played by Awkward writer, Vera Herbert.
  • She is suspected of being a lesbian.
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