Welcome to Hell
Season 4, Episode 14
Air date October 7, 2014
Written by Ryan O'Connell
Directed by Chris Alberghini
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Welcome to Hell is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Awkward. It aired on October 7, 2014.


Jenna receives a rejection that burns her up inside and has her heading for a meltdown, while Lissa's family's "Hell Tent" takes revelations to a whole new level.


After hooking up with sophomore Owen, Jenna lets him know that it was a one-time thing. Meanwhile, Lissa attempts to convince her father to out himself to her mother. Also, Jenna and Tamara learn whether or not they have been accepted into the same college.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Carousel - “Not Enough”

(scene: Jenna happy about surviving finals)

  • Antennas Up - “Pretenders”

(scene: Gabby playing tennis)

  • Marty Shannon - “Cynic”

(scene: Jenna talks to Owen about their future)

  • Cajsa Siik - “State of Low”

(scene: Matty talks to Jenna about his relationship with Gabby)

  • Carousel - “Where Have You Gone”

(scene: Jenna goes to visit Owen at his house)

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