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What Are We Gonna Do About Jenny is an After School Special written by Sadie Saxton and directed by Valerie Marks. It is about Jenna's life in a harsh and mocking way.


Jenny blogs and is talking about her loser life. She makes out with Calvin and got caught along with her friends and her boyfriend Danny. She becomes an addict along with Calvin. Jenny yells at her mom.

Her concerned friends come into her room about how they are worried about her. Jenny says she so dirty and gross and gets high just to make it through the day. Her friend says that she isn't worried about her and that they should just leave her alone because it's none of they're business. This leads to an argument between the 2 friends. Jenny says that all this fighting makes her want to die more.

Calvin is dealing pills and fights over the bottle of pills with a random guy. The guy loses grip and bumps into a dumpster and dies. Calvin commits suicide by overdosing on the pills and Jenny yells "No"! She tries to commit suicide by overdosing on pills and her friend saves her. She says that she deserves and wanted to die. She says that she'll start living...for now. They all hug. As Jenny is flying a kite in a field, uplifting music is being played and pauses on her smiling as the credits roll in.


Sadie Saxton as Jenny (inspired by Jenna Hamilton)
Jake Rosati as Calvin (inspired by Collin Jennings)
Jenna Hamilton as Concerned Friend
Tamara Kaplan as Concerned Friend
Lissa as Concerned Friend
Ming Huang as Concerned Friend
Kyle as Danny (inspired by Matty McKibben)
Valerie Marks as Jenny's mom. (inspired by Lacey Hamilton)